I guarantee the quality of my work and materials, and want you to be happy with your jewelry for many years. Every jewelry piece is hand made by me under the tightest quality control standards and is carefully inspected prior to shipment. I guarantee my work for one year after the purchase date. Any damage deemed to be caused by a manufacturing defect will be repaired free of charge. 

My warranty does not cover loss, theft, damage due to rough treatment, and normal wear. It's a good idea to add all fine jewelry to a homeowners or renters policy which usually protects against loss, damage or theft.

If you have any trouble with your jewelry please get in touch for repair options. 

 How to care for your jewelry:

Jewelry is inherently fragile and should be treated with care. Please do not wear your jewelry in the shower, during extreme physical activity, or expose it to harsh chemicals while washing your hands/dishes. Pearls and softer stones such as turquoise are delicate and should not come into contact with perfumes or hairspray.

Oxidation/discoloration can happen to most metals. Please keep your jewelry in a sealed bag or box when not in use. Most jewelry can be safely cleaned with an old toothbrush and mild soap.