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Custom Rough Triangle Diamond Gold Engagement Ring - Choose your own Raw Macle Diamond

Custom Rough Triangle Diamond Gold Engagement Ring - Choose your own Raw Macle Diamond

Regular price $1,070.00

Work with me to create your own one of a kind engagement ring with a triangular raw macle diamond of your choosing. These diamonds are very unique and hand selected for their unique twinned crystal structure. Macles diamonds are in their natural raw form created by the earth; they are not cut into triangles. 

The sample rings have been sold and show a 5-6mm raw diamond triangles set in a 14k gold hand made bezel with a 1.3mm round band. The setting is spliced into the band to keep a low profile and modern look. 

I will create your ring with one of the diamonds listed below in either 14k yellow, white or rose gold. Finishing options include polished, matte, polished hammered, or matte hammered. If you'd like a different, setting style, band shape or size, 18k gold, or a different stone orientation, please get in touch. The platinum version can be found here.

0.46ct, D051, clear white, 5.1x5.2x2.4 mm - SOLD
0.6ct, D146, clear white, 6.2x6.3x1.75mm
0.77ct, D148, clear white with small black inclusion in lower right corner, 6x5.9x2.25mm
0.63ct, D147, clear white, 5.6x6.2x1.85mm
0.84ct, D040, clear white with very slight yellow tint, 5x5.5x2.7mm - SOLD
1.08 ct, D050, warm champagne brown, 6.83x5.64x3.04mm

*pricing per diamond indicates the finished ring in 14kt gold with a 1.3mm band.

The last photo shows the matching 1.3mm wedding band found here or i can make a custom fitted band, contact me for a quote.


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